Welcome Lunch.

We want to help people feel as welcome as possible when they arrive at Church of Christ the King and we're keen to give everyone an opportunity to get to know some other people and meet some of the team who help lead Church of Christ the King.

Therefore, we host a regular Welcome Lunch at all our four sites (venues). This meal takes various forms at our different sites; most sites operate a free Welcome Lunch every month. However, one of our sites offers lunch to first time guests on a weekly basis and another operates lunch which is open to everyone (guest or regular attender) for a low, subsidised price.

At this event, you will be able to meet some of the team at Church of Christ the King, including some of the key leaders. In Brighton the lunch is hosted by Alan and Marian Preston; in Shoreham it's hosted by Matt & Ali Davis and at the Racecourse it's hosted by Stephen and Emma Dawson.

For the next welcome lunch date see the panel to the right. If you would like to book in to enjoy a  lunch please contact the office.