What to Expect.

We would like your first experience of one of our church services to be welcoming. Church is for everyone and we always attempt to make our Sunday services as welcoming and understandable as possible. 

Church of Christ the King has eight different Sunday services at four different venues;

New England Site - meeting at the Clarendon Centre, 10.30am, 3.30pm and 6pm. Join us at 9.15am for breakfast!

Hove Site - meeting at Clarendon Villas, 9am and 11am.

Racecourse Site - meeting at Brighton Racecourse, they meet at 10.30am.

Shoreham Site - meeting at Shoreham Centre, 9am and 11am

For more practical information about these services visit our when and where page.

We hope the summary below helps explain a little of what you can expect to happen at any of our Sunday services.

What does a Sunday service look like?

Each service (at  New England site, Racecourse site, Hove site and Shoreham site) is kicked off with worship led by a band (or sometimes just a single musician), and then after a short welcome, Joel Virgo or the preacher for that week will preach a message from the Bible. Here at Church of Christ the King we tend to work through a series of messages that follow a book in the Bible or a particular theme. Visit our  media section to view past messages. 

During the service, the congregation of the church will have an opportunity to give money into an offering for the church (many will do this through standing orders or by other online means). There is no obligation to give to the church but we teach that this is good for people to do as part of their worship to God. 

Do you take communion?

In our services there is usually an opportunity to take communion. Jesus commanded his followers to take bread and wine in remembrance of him  - the bread represents his body and the wine, his blood. Taking communion is central to the Christian faith and something that all Christians are encouraged to do regularly. 

What happens after the service?

After the closing of each service, there is usually space for prayer or contemplation as well as a social time. 

Activities for children

At our morning services (at each of our sites) we host a full range of activities for children and young people. Read more information about different age groups here.

Can someone show me around?

Would you like to come to church but don't want to come by yourself? Or do you just want someone to show you around? Then we can provide someone to help.

We want everybody who comes to Church of Christ the King to be welcomed and looked after so we offer the opportunity to arrange in advance for someone to meet you when you arrive and look after you during your Sunday with us.

Please fill out the form to the right if you would like this to happen.

A great way to get a glimpse of what our Sunday meetings are like is to watch this programme recorded by the BBC at CCK in May 2012.