Stephen Dawson

Stephen came here as a student in 2000 and his wife Emma moved down a year later, they married in 2002 and have been popping out babies every few years since! They are now parents to 4 energetic boys and 2 very loved daughters. The family moved to Whitehawk in 2005 and love being part of the community there.
Stephen has been a part of the wider leadership team for several years having specific responsibility for the children’s and youth work until 2011 and was invited to join the Eldership in November 2011. He is now the Racecourse Site Leader. 
Emma is Stephen's better looking, funnier other half and looks after their little clan, Emma also oversees the Mum’s Prayer groups that run at each of the Church of Christ the King sites. A ministry she started with just 4 ladies in their family home over 8 years ago.
Stephen loves rollercoasters, fast cars, heights and anything that really gets the blood racing! He hates peas more than you can possibly imagine.