How can I give?

  • By standing order – you can download a Standing Order form here plus a Gift Aid form.
  • By cash or cheque – All cheques should be made payable to 'CCK' – regardless of what the offering is for. If you give by cheque, please mark the back of your cheque with the word "offering". We will assume it is for that week's general fund offering, unless it is marked otherwise (e.g. 'Gift Day')   If you wish to give cash please use one of our designated giving envelopes.
  • By bank transfer – you can give directly into our bank account. Please email for details.

Increase your gifts by 28%! If you give via an offline/conventional method (cash, cheque, standing order) and are a UK taxpayer, please complete the Gift Aid form mentioned above. Online donors will be given an opportunity to select a gift aided donation.

Gift aided donations can be increased by 28% by the government at no charge to you!

  • By debit card – you can do this online now or via one of our designated giving envelopes. Give Now


Get Involved Now There's so much to do making CCK happen every day of the week. Everyone has a place here for their gift to be displayed in helping build the church up.

The Bible says in the 1st letter to the church in Corinth that the church is made up of one body but many parts which form that one body. If you'd like to volunteer and get involved on any day of the week that we need help as a church, please see our Volunteering page to see what opportunities are available.