Serve at the Brighton Marathon!

Mon, 31/01/2011 - 14:02

Last year CCK had over 300 volunteers at the first Brighton Marathon and the event was such a success that the city is hosting the marathon again! CCK played a vital role in the smooth running of the day, producing the most volunteers and letting the organisers train the volunteers at the Clarendon Centre. This was very valuable and positive press for the church, and we want to do it again. This year we would like more people to sign up and to show our support of this great event.

There will be no morning services on the day of the marathon to free people up to help. Last year the people who served came back full of stories of the friends they saw running and the fun they had stewarding. This is a great event to get involved in and we want to bless the city as much as we can, so lets sign up and join in the fun!

To sign up please visit:

Brighton Marathon 2011

The deadline is 19th February so do hurry!

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