Why Zones? Part 3: What is Zone life?

Tue, 30/11/2010 - 13:48

In the third part of our blog series about Zones, Matt Davis explains what Zone life looks like here at CCK.

Having 14 Zones (and growing!) has helped us bring a framework to the ‘house’ that God has called us to build in the City and beyond (check here for the first post detailing God’s call on us).  A large church needs organising if we are to ensure careful pastoring of every member through Small Groups.  So what of the life in these Zones?  How do they operate and what are the big ‘wins’ for us?

Each Zone is led by gifted folk, called by God to shepherd a cluster of Small Groups in a given area (click here to see the previous post ‘Who & Where?).  Importantly, each Zone has a functioning team that serves to promote the healthy life of that Zone.  Teams may include those who are skilled in:

  • leadership
  • administration
  • worship
  • practical helps
  • pastoral care
  • community engagement

Outside of Sundays (and the Zone Meetings that occur once a month), we long to see a thriving community that actually goes deep.  It’s the Acts 2 church experience we are longing for, where onlookers can’t help but be attracted to us, and ultimately to Jesus.

Small Groups are the grass-roots way that we pastor those in our communities, and one of the goals of the Zone Team is to help ensure that everyone who comes through our Sunday Connect process is carefully added to the Zone nearest to them.

Another ‘win’ for our Zones across the City is how they serve their neighbourhoods.  Expressions of local engagement differ widely from West to East, but they have the same goal in mind – to serve and shape the culture.

The kinds of questions Zone Teams are asking might be, ‘How do we serve our locality?  What can we do to bring life to our community?  How will our involvement bless the unchurched?’

Many Zones are already doing the stuff!  They are connected to mum’s groups, Parent/Teacher Associations, Resident Forums and other similar initiatives.  In short, places and positions that need godly influence.

Chris & Helen Evans lead the Fiveways Zone.  Chris says, Zones are about knowing people and being known.  They are about seeing our members and leaders cared for and maturing as disciples of Jesus.  They are about building a strong church community so that we can better serve and reach out to our local communities.  The Fiveways Zone strap-line which tries to encapsulate the above is "Mission built in community’.

We are still on the journey of learning how Zones might best function across our City, but we know that God has called us to the task.  The local church is His ‘Plan A’ for mankind, and we are all invited to participate.  Zone life simply seeks to outwork this mandate as His people.

Look out for the next post which will help make the link between Zones and our future as a multi-site church!

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