Behind the Scenes: Steve Horne.

Wed, 31/03/2010 - 11:51

Steve Horne is an Elder here at CCK and looks after a lot of the ministry teams. He lives in Moulsecoombe with his wife, Jane and they have four children together; Bethany, Tilly, Megan and Sam. Steve talks to Emily Sneyd about why he is passionate about his job, and why it’s not wise to eat a curry before running a marathon…

E.S: Hi Steve,  can you tell me how you came to be part of CCK?

S.H: Well, I grew up in Bognor Regis, and my wife, Jane grew up in Uckfield. I worked in London for a while as a student nurse and it was friends that I made through nursing that introduced me to Church. I eventually got saved and began to get involved with the Holy Trinity Brompton Church (HTB), and did the Alpha course there. I really wanted to get married to Jane but my friends advised me not to as she wasn’t a Christian at the time, plus Jane thought it was all a bit weird then! But shortly after, she got saved here in Brighton! We were married in Uckfield and then moved to Brighton and were recommended CCK by some friends.  In fact, even before we had considered it, Jane had dreams about the Church that we would be a part of and specifically had a vision of some steps, so when we walked through the main entrance of the Clarendon Centre and saw the stairs leading up to the main hall, we knew it was where we were meant to be! I was very happy because like HTB, CCK is a charismatic church, but mainly, we both felt led to be part of God’s Church in Brighton- and we’ve been here ever since!

E.S: Fantastic. Now what exactly are your responsibilities as an Elder at CCK?

S.H: I oversee the ‘Ground war’ teams which put simply, is all the ‘People’ ministries, so; Small groups, Zones, Youth work, Student work etc. and lots of other aspects of Family life such as Counselling and the Parenting course, and also the Social-action Zone. To make this all happen, I work to a lot of the other Elders and leaders in the church, like fellow Elders, Steve Walford and Matt Davis, and I oversee a lot of different teams.

E.S: That’s a lot of things to take care of!

S.H: I guess I’ve always focused on the Church in Acts: 2 – it shows an incredible community of Jesus-loving people, looking after itself in pursuing the right things, and consequently, being added to daily. To enable this, we need to be a big presence on Sundays with our three meetings and be a real voice to the City.  But equally as important is the need to back that up with a strong community that is attractive to the people of Brighton & Hove who don’t know who we are yet. My passion is to see people saved- I love the gospel, and love to see people led to Christ. I am fully behind Joel (our lead Elder) in what he is preaching, and where he is leading us.

E.S: What motivates you as a person?

S.H: My wonderful wife and kids, as well Joel’s vision for the Church and City- what he sees and wants for us as a Church. I also love learning from the great men around me at Church. I have made sure over the years that I’ve seized every opportunity to work with as many of them as I can (like Peter Brooks, John Hosier, Peter Lyndon and Dave Fellingham etc.). They’re amazing men, and I’ve learned so much from them and continue to do so, they’re all influences of mine.

E.S: Any bad habits!?

S.H: I am absolutely terrible with names, which is quite unfortunate being a pastoral elder!  I’m also quite impulsive and talkative so there’s times when I’ve said completely the wrong thing at the wrong time…

E.S: Haha, that must be a source of some amusement at times! What’s playing on your ipod at the moment?

S.H: Everything! I’ve got some of our home-bred talent, Phatfish on there, as well as Delirious? And of course, some Queen! I’ve got a lot of dance music on there which I listen to while I’m running. I’m training for the Brighton marathon at the moment which is hard work but I really enjoy it- I’m on week 15 of the training programme at the moment so I’m getting there. I’ve done a marathon before and learnt some lessons the hard way -I ate a curry for lunch and then tried to run 23 miles, which in retrospect wasn’t the wisest plan... This year, I’ll know better.

Thanks Steve, we’ll be rooting for you at the marathon in April!

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