CCK Brighton iPhone App; WHY?

Wed, 03/03/2010 - 13:41

So why develop an iPhone app? Why not just watch the videos on your computer at home? Isn’t it the same content? What’s the point?

Creating an iPhone app enables those already making use of the content to do so in a fashion that may suit them better. In essence it is the same content as the website, but now everything can be viewed or listened to on the move (on the bus or the train!) without the need for a computer or laptop. The media is available to download too, so can be stored on the phone and enjoyed later.

It’s helpful to take into account the 40,000 Internet downloads of the CCK Sunday preaching in 2009. The three CCK blogs had a similar number of views since they launched in May last year; and so it’s clear that there are many people around the world (from 139 different nations) that value what is preached here enough to download it all!

At CCK we want to be constantly engaging with those at the forefront of technology, exploiting as many ways to communicate the message of the gospel as possible. We also hope this app will serve those who perhaps haven’t been in touch with CCK before, and even those who’ve never encountered Jesus before.

Fantastically for us, the application was developed free of charge by Brightec; a web and application development company run by Andy Ferrett, a CCK church member who wanted to trial an app development for us.

Fantastically for you, the app is completely free to download from the iTunes app store.  Do it today!

Click here to get the iTunes app store and download the app

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