The Student Year gone by..

Tue, 23/06/2009 - 15:58


We often hear about God doing “a new thing”- people talk about turning a new leaf, starting with a clean slate, a new page, a new chapter, or even a new book. No doubt these words are true, and important, but we must be careful not to lose sight of the fact that changes like these are simply new phases in God’s eternal plan and a continuation of the relentless advancement of His Kingdom (Isaiah 9:7)

This is particularly important to remember in CCK Student Zone, especially as we prepare for a changeover in leadership. Student work is inherently transient in nature; large numbers of people come and go, directed by their studies, placements and (theoretically) in the end, jobs. But despite constant changes, one feature remains strong in the CCK Student Zone: the ardent passion to see an ever increasing number of students worshipping Jesus, learning to love and glorifying God through the power of the Spirit.

It’s been an enjoyable and fruitful year. We started off with the popular Sunday student lunches in October and since then have been meeting on Thursday evenings for amazing corporate worship and teaching. These meetings have been newly named Advance. The autumn term is all about identifying new faces and ensuring that they’re integrated into the community. Supporting the events and outreach of Christian Unions on campus has also been made a priority.


The first term culminated with the successful CCK Student Oscars Ball, but there were other highlights during the year, like a weekend away in Dorset, where we had a great time at the bar, walking in the grounds, playing pool, table tennis and enjoying the indoor swimming pool. God moved and spoke powerfully as we worshipped, students prophesied for the first time and we prayed about numerous things. It was also an opportunity to hear challenging and inspiring preaching from student leaders past, present and future (Mark Tebb, Tim Jones and Matt Carvel).

Another aspect of the Student Zone at CCK is students’ involvement in various areas of church life. These include serving on the Sunday teams (Host, Welcome, Ministry, COGS, tea/coffee…), being committed to Friends First, CCK FC and even providing valuable babysitting services.

Although student work and student based activities have long been a part of CCK church life, there is no doubt that CCK Student Zone is moving to a new stage. The entire leadership team is handing over the reigns after having set a high standard for their replacements. The last five years have seen an astonishing growth in numbers, with the raising up of strong leaders and individual spiritual growth in those involved.

A few years ago we used to meet in the Whitefield Room (in the Clarendon Centre), but have since moved to the main hall to accommodate the growing number of people! Tim Jones‘ leadership has reflected his heart for students, encouraging them to chase after what God has in store for them in Brighton, and to not miss the opportunities presented by student life (for his advice with regards to academic study, see Ecc 12:12). This enthusiasm shined through right to his last talk at Advance, exhorting students to make the most of their summer holidays. Tim Jones has had a significant impact, humbly yet forcefully encouraging students to greater levels of holiness.

It’s exciting to be involved as Student Zone moves into a new phase with a solid foundation of passion and vision.