How To Sing A Carol - Part 2.

Wed, 14/12/2011 - 15:37

Yesterday we started exploring the meaning in the famous carol 'Hark the Herald Angels Sing'. Today we'll investigate the remaining verses. Hopefully these brief studies will enable you to sing this carol with a much deeper understanding.

Don't forget our Christmas services taking place on the 18th December across the city.

Hail the incarnate Deity

Bible: Colossians 2:19 “For in Him the whole fullness of deity dwells bodily” and Hebrews 1:2-3 “but in these last days he has spoken to us by his Son, whom he appointed heir of all things, and through whom also he made the universe. 3 The Son is the radiance of God’s glory and the exact representation of his being, sustaining all things by his powerful word”

Thought: God came to earth to save, to mediate. He took on the restriction of Humanity. Jesus actually had a body. Incarnate means –embodied. We are to ‘hail’ – that is ‘praise’ – this event.

Pleased as man with man to dwell

Bible: Philippians 2:7 “He made himself nothing, taking the form of a servant, being born in the likeness of men.”

Thought: Jesus had lived in the company of His Father since eternity past. Now, he humbled Himself by laying his privileges aside, to appear on Earth in the exact likeness of one of His creatures.

Jesus our Emmanuel

Bible: Isaiah 7:14 (see above)

Thought: ‘God is with us!’ That is what the name Emmanuel means and it assures us that God is on a mission to rescue His people and live amongst them. He is not just a distant God any longer, but also close by.

Hail the Heaven-born Prince of Peace

Bible: Isaiah 9:6 “For to us a child is born,  to us a son is given; and the government shall be upon his shoulder,  and his name shall be called Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace”

Thought: The Bible-text was written hundreds of years before Jesus’ birth. It speaks of the mission that the Christ will undertake when he appears. This appearing happened (and this prophecy was fulfilled,) when Jesus was born in a dirty manger all that time later – God knew what He was doing!

Hail the Sun of Righteousness… Risen with healing in His wings

Bible: Malachi 4:2 “But for you who revere my name, the sun of righteousness will rise with healing in its rays.”

Thought: That is ‘Sun’ not ‘Son’! Jesus fulfils the imagery in Malachi 4 by being God’s righteous deliverance from His scorching just judgment, as well as complete healing, for anyone who puts their faith in Him and His Salvation.

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