Rich & Natalia Crosby currently lead the Hove Site at Church of Christ the King. In late-2015, they will be moving to Canada's capital city of Ottawa with plans to start a new church there in 2016.

The need in Ottawa

For many in Ottawa, life appears to be great. With an abundance of well paying jobs, high quality schools and universities and low rates of crime, many in Ottawa would deny they have a need for a saviour. For others, life is hard. During a recent visit to the city, Natalia rushed to help an alcoholic man who was having a seizure at the side of a road, keeping him stable until an ambulance arrived. This happened on a large, low-income housing estate where domestic violence, along with drug and alcohol abuse, is very common. Ottawa is truly a city of contrasts, with the wealthy and powerful living only minutes from the poor and forgotten.

The answer for Ottawa

People in Ottawa need to hear the good news of Jesus Christ, and know the life-transforming power of God. In 2016, with the support and oversight of the elders at Church of Christ the King in Brighton, we will be starting a new church in the Centretown area of Ottawa - an area with a high concentration of people, but where church engagement is minimal at best. Our mission is to build a community of radically transformed followers of Jesus who love God by loving Ottawa, help people follow Jesus, raise leaders and start new churches.

Visit for more information and to keep up to date with our plans for this new church in Ottawa. You can also contact us by email at