Reaching Muslims

by Nick Chatrath

Tens of millions of Muslims live in the West. As a group they are ethnically diverse, culturally rich and often wonderfully passionate about life and faith. Yet Christians (or those of a Christian background) can behave shamefully towards them, whether by avoiding Muslims or by committing their holy book to the fire. "Reaching Muslims" is a call to anyone who self-identifies as Christian to develop open-hearted friendships with Muslims. This is a call for positive, not fearful, engagement. This is vital because as Christians what we have to share with Muslims is magnificent and potentially life-changing - Jesus really is great news for everyone! If you have zero knowledge about Islam and zero relationships with Muslims, don't worry: this book is for you. Packed with stories and examples, it is short, simple and in four parts: - Part I: Fascinating introduction covering stories Muslims tell, demographics, belief, culture, politics and other aspects of Islamic identities. - Part II: Ideas to foster contact effectively with the Muslim community. - Part III: Starting from the fact that most Muslims love Jesus, ten ideas for how Christians might help Muslims see Jesus afresh.- Part IV: Three theological hot potatoes: Should Christians call God 'Allah'? Should those from Muslim background be baptised? Should Christians eat halal meat? - Detailed appendices include a glossary, study guides, and further resources by topic