Why Trust the Bible?: Answers to 10 Tough Questions

by Amy Orr-Ewing

'You don't honestly believe all that stuff in the Bible!' Challenged by her friends and later as a student by theological staff, Amy Orr-Ewing was determined to leave no stone unturned in her eagerness to prove that the Bible was unique and wholly reliable. Her passion drove her to complete an in-depth study of the answers to ten of the most frequently raised objections she encountered, including: Are the original manuscripts reliable? What about other holy books? What about all the wars? How can I know? Sensitively yet convincingly, the author addresses the arguments: How can the reliability of the New Testament be in doubt when no fewer than 24,000 manuscripts exist to support it? How can evidence for Jesus' existence be questioned when the Gospel writers recorded historical events with such scrupulous accuracy? This fascinating study is full of human interest, not least when Amy's father, banned as a child from going to church, cries out 'Lord I believe; help my unbelief', and becomes a true Christian. As Amy says, 'God does not merely write a message about himself in the sky, or send down a book of wisdom - he actually comes to earth and makes himself personally knowable to human beings.'