Children and Young People.

At Church of Christ the King we have five children’s groups on a Sunday (at each of our Sunday venues), which are overseen by Jo Fahy, who heads up the Family Life Department with her husband Tal.

These groups meet during all our morning services. Visitors are extremely welcome to COGs...

The first Sunday of every month the children go into the first 20 minutes of the main meeting and then they go into their respective rooms. Other than the first Sunday, children spend the entire meeting in their children’s work.

Registration on a Sunday

Registering your child on a Sunday is simple. If you are new there will be a form for you to fill in, with your contact details should the team need them, as well as your child’s details. You will be given a card to take when you leave your child which you bring back at the end when you collect your child. No one can collect the children without this card.

The five groups are:

Tiny COGs - 0 to 1 year

A drop-in facility, allowing parents to stay with their child, but also see the meeting upstairs by video link. For the little ones, there are toys, mats and play gyms. There are also cots, a changing area and high chairs. Children over 6 months can be left with the team. Free refreshments are provided for parents staying in the room.

Purple COGs - 1 to 2½ years

A safe environment where parents can leave their young children in the care of the team. The room has a variety of age appropriate toys including a playhouse, kitchen area and reading corner. They also have ‘Tiny Kids Worship’, which includes singing, percussion instruments, a Bible story and prayer. There is also an opportunity for children to have a drink and a biscuit sometime throughout the morning.

Green COGs - 2½ to 4 years

A stimulating and structured programme of activities appropriate for this age group including toys, soft play area, and ‘Big COGS Time’ with Orange COGSs (see below) which is a front-led fun teaching time, with Praise and Prayer time. Each week there is a magazine to take home for further activities for the child to do. A drink and a biscuit will also be provided.

Orange COGs - 4 to 6 years (School years: Reception and Year 1)

A balanced programme of free play and structured activities appropriate for this age group including craft and Connect Groups. They join with Green COGs for ‘Big COGs Time’ which is a front-led fun teaching time with Praise and Prayer. Each week there is a magazine to take home for further activities for the child to do. A drink and a biscuit will also be provided.

Red COGs - 6 to 11 years (School years: 2 to 6)

A fun-filled morning which starts with Activity Station; this includes craft, Wii games, and hair salon!! They have a front-led large group time which includes sketches, games, worship and teaching. The children are placed in age related Connect Groups for discussion and prayer. This is a secure friendly place for children to discover more about their relationship with God and develop friendships. Each week there is a magazine to take home for further activities for the child to do on their own. A free refreshment will also be provided at some point throughout the morning.

Groups for teenagers

We also have two groups for those in their teens, although only the younger group meets on a Sunday. Read more about our work with young people.

CCKY - 11 to 14 years

We meet every second Sunday during the 10.30am morning meeting at Church of Christ the King. Please find someone wearing a ‘Connect’ t-shirt on a Sunday morning to find out more.

Engage - 15 to 19 years

Engage don’t meet formally on a Sunday; however most of Engage go to the 6.30pm service at the New England Site. If you are 15-18 and want to come along on a Sunday, please ask someone wearing a ‘Connect’ t-shirt to introduce you to one of our youth or team, we would love to meet you.