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Anna and I are taking some time out this summer. It's been a demanding two years and we're in a situation which could develop into serious exhaustion. So I felt we needed to take a long break this summer, away from responsibility and serving. The elders at CCK have thoroughly endorsed this decision and are keen for us to have a good break and time away. So, from this last weekend, I'm laying down all my responsibilities at CCK for the next 10 weeks, and my involvement at Together On A Mission, Mobilise and Newday. Through some amazing God circumstances, we're actually flying out of the UK to spend our time in a fantastic city with a superb Newfrontiers church. And I will be disappearing from the online world of twitter, Facebook, blogging and emails… ! It's been a fast paced three weeks since these decisions were made, with elder’s involvement. There are no sin issues or wrongdoing. I haven't been asked to step down or been disqualified and this is not a church discipline situation. It was my initiation and it has received the elders endorsement.
Posted on June 23, 2010 by Yohaan Philip
Yohaan: Matt, your sermon at the Men’s Weekend on the Sunday morning was spoken of very highly. Thanks for being with us! Can you tell me how you became a Christian? Matt : I was born in to a strong Christian family. My parents, John (who was an elder at CCK till he retired last year) and Sue, brought us up teaching us about Jesus from the Bible. At a young age I decided to become a follower of Jesus and accepted Him as my Lord and Saviour.
Posted on June 09, 2010 by Yohaan Philip
Yohaan: It’s been great having you with us at CCK this weekend Rory. I’m sure there are some very fired up men who would like to know more about you! Rory: I grew up in a Christian home. My first encounter with the living God was when I was 5. I had meningitis and nearly died. My grandfather who was an Anglican vicar at the time prayed for me and the power of God touched me and I was left with marks on my face. I woke up the next day out of a coma without a trace of the meningitis. I knew that God was powerful and alive and I was living with a second chance. But I got too busy playing sport to be Christian.
Posted on May 25, 2010 by Yohaan Philip
Pete and Jacqui Jarvis: A Tale of Restoration Jacqui’s bit: From the moment I became a follower of Jesus as a teenager, it’s always been about people. God is about people, and it seems that whatever any of us feel we should do for Jesus, whatever we think the remit is, it’s going to involve lots of people! That goes pretty much against my natural grain, as I come from a family who would happily ‘recluse’ – so it seems that God just knew that this natural grain needed some genetic modification!!
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Christian Finer has been a member of CCK since he was a student and has been working at the Church for just over a year. Christian chats to Emily Sneyd about life at the CCK offices and shares his enthusiasm about coffee... ES: Hello! Can you tell me how you became a Christian?
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The CCKlife blog celebrated it's 1 year anniversary earlier this month! For over a year now we've worked hard to glorify Jesus and serve Church of Christ the King and Brighton. The blog has far exceeded expectations in terms of 'hits' and feedback. A big thank you if you've contributed to the blog in any way and we look forward to many more engaging posts over the years to come. These are a few of the most viewed posts on the site over the last year. Reflections on 40 years in Christian Leadership by John Hosier One on One with Simon Virgo
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Home-grown talent, Lou Fellingham has just recorded her third solo album, ‘Step into the Light’ which will be available for purchase on May 17th. Lou sits down with Emily Sneyd to chat about the album and the upcoming album launch gig on May 24th. Hi Lou! Everyone’s very excited about the new album, can you tell me a little about what to expect?
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Alison Davis has been on the CCK staff for four years now, undertaking the role of operations manager. Alison tells Emily Sneyd what life is like working for the Church, and why she likens her job to The Generation Game... ES: Thanks for letting me intrude on a busy day, Alison!  First off, can you tell me how you became a Christian?
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Ron and Chris Marchant - Servant Leaders Ron and Chris Marchant have been members at CCK since 1991. You often see Ron welcoming people into the church building for the morning services and Chris behind the bookstore till. These pioneers at CCK are legendary servers in the church. This is their story.. Ron: