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Posted on December 14, 2010 by Katie Leversuch
In the Autumn of 2011 Church of Christ the King (CCK) is undertaking a fairly radical, new and very important initiative. We’re launching an extra venue for our Sunday services in the West of the City. We’ll still be one church but meeting in two different locations. In the build up to this exciting new launch Steve Boon (an Elder at CCK) will on a fortnightly basis update this blog with news and updates, giving you a behind the scenes glimpse of all the preparations and hopefully answering some of your questions in the process. Over to Steve;
Posted on December 08, 2010 by Emily Sneyd
Around 350 women gathered at the Clarendon Centre a few weeks ago for the CCK Women’s day. It was fantastic morning which saw women of all ages coming together, expectant to meet with God and ready to learn from and encourage one another. The lovely Katie Virgo was our host for the day and she gave a brief welcome before Jules Burt and the band kick-started the day with a time of worship. It was an amazing time spent in God’s presence, with several women coming to the front to share words of scripture. Unfortunately, the worship time had to come to an end, but there was an excited buzz in the room as we split off into three groups to attend our first session. One of the main goals of the day was to bring specific teaching to target the different stages of life that women might be in, and each talk catered for that so well.
Posted on November 30, 2010 by Emily Sneyd
In the third part of our blog series about Zones, Matt Davis explains what Zone life looks like here at CCK. Having 14 Zones (and growing!) has helped us bring a framework to the ‘house’ that God has called us to build in the City and beyond (check here for the first post detailing God’s call on us).  A large church needs organising if we are to ensure careful pastoring of every member through Small Groups.  So what of the life in these Zones?  How do they operate and what are the big ‘wins’ for us?
Posted on November 09, 2010 by Katie Leversuch
Katie is married to Joel Virgo (senior pastor at CCK) and is currently pulling together all the details for the upcoming CCK Women’s event. We grabbed a few minutes with Katie to find out more about the day. Tell us about the CCK Women’s event
Posted on November 08, 2010 by Katie Leversuch
During this academic year CCK will be holding four training evenings that are exclusive to members of the church. These evenings provide unique opportunities to explore theology, learn how to move in the Holy Spirit and gain pastoral skills. The evenings will be a mixture of teaching, practical work and group discussion. Each evening will have three training strands. They will each run as a series over the four evenings. The choices are: Lifestyle Theology This looks at how God’s word instructs us in the practicalities of life. This strand covers areas such as debt, relationships and employment. Pastoral Skills In these sessions you will learn and discuss around such vital pastoral topics as Listening, Acceptance, Honesty and Boundaries.
Posted on November 05, 2010 by Katie Leversuch
Phatfish are appearing at their only Sussex gig on November 19th in Hastings as part of their 'Light Tour'. The tour, which is raising money for the charity 'HOPEHIV', has already enjoyed packed venues across the south of England as well as in Wrexham and Worcester. Nathan Fellingham says: "This has been one of  the most successful tours we've ever put on in over 15 years of performing. Having the mix of songs from Lou's latest solo release 'Step Into The Light' and also Phatfish's latest and greatest, overarching 2 decades, has all sat together very well, with the broad audience enjoying it all. The added dimension of focussing on the charity is also a real privilege. We've seen around £3,000 raised so far and have written a song specifically to highlight the work that they do."
Posted on November 04, 2010 by Emily Sneyd
Last Sunday the Who is Jesus? series continued with Phil Turner preaching on the topic ‘Why did Jesus die?’. If you missed it, you can listen/watch the preach here on our media player. Small group questions to be discussed for this weeks topic are: Why do you think Jesus’ death on a cross has become the symbol for Christianity? In what ways was Jesus’ death a tragedy and in what ways was it a victory? Jesus’ life was self-sacrificial, most vividly displayed on the cross. How will that challenge the way you relate to others this week? This coming Sunday, Joel Virgo will be preaching on the topic, ‘Did Jesus rise from the dead?’ Small group questions to be discussed for next week's topic are:
Posted on November 03, 2010 by Emily Sneyd
Over the past three weeks, during our Who is Jesus? preaching series, we’ve been streaming our Sunday evening preach live on the internet so that anyone can tune in to watch from all over the world. So far it’s been a great success as over 1,300 people from over 18 different countries have logged onto the site to check it out. As well as hearing the preach, people watching remotely can chat to some CCK leaders online who are on-hand to answer any questions that arise as they watch. This gives people a chance to participate even if they can’t make it to the service itself.
Posted on October 05, 2010 by Katie Leversuch
This year Phatfish and Kate Simmonds teamed up and recorded a few tracks, which feature on the new Grace EP, and are now available on the Phatfish website. These songs include two new tracks written by Kate, which were used at the New Frontiers conference Together on a Mission. They are Grace and Wake Up My Soul. Kate has also recorded a new arrangement of Here is Love, which has an additional chorus that Kate wrote.
Posted on September 28, 2010 by
I'm sure you'll all aware we're motoring towards the Who is Jesus? series which starts this Sunday at CCK. In conjunction with the series we've launched a website to find out what people in our city think is the answer to that question: Who is Jesus? We're keen to get as many people onto the website as we can and give them the opportunity to voice their opinion, but to make this happen we need you! So we’re asking you to help us out by donating your Facebook status and Twitter tweets to CCK for one day between now and Sunday. We want as many people as possible to post something to direct people to the website, a few suggestions are listed below: Who do you think Jesus is?