Worship School May 09.

Thu, 14/05/2009 - 16:43


Saturday saw Church of Christ the King (CCK), Brighton host another excellent day of 'Worship School', the penultimate day in a series of well attended training days run by Simon Brading and the worship team here at CCK. What a bunch of pro’s eh?!

This time it was the PA and AV specialists from churches up and down the country that flocked to Brighton, and the collective wisdom of the CCK team for a day brimming with excellent teaching, both on the theology of worship, and more practically on the technical, cable-filled, button, fader and flash jungle of sound engineering and audio visuals.

The day got off to a great start with Simon Brading leading everyone in worship before guest speaker and all round 'diamond geeza' Stef Liston addressed the whole crowd in his unmistakably fresh and earthy style. His talk was challenging, as he systematically brought into question some of the trends and patterns of our charismatic expressions of corporate praise. He rattled cages, rebuked timidity and got under the collective skin with his refreshing appraisal of church worship. He made the penetrating point that our words often betray our beliefs (inappropriate terminology for instance), that it is the Holy Spirit who leads worship (not one person) and that our worship times must be vibrant, exciting, sat on the edge-of-your-seat gatherings in which everyone is encouraged to contribute. "That's the romance" He brilliantly admonished worship leaders to follow the Spirit at all times, and to never "pander to the congregational carnality", but instead be biblically devoted in the pursuit of God's presence. Top stuff from a quality church leader and preacher.

The day was closed with the final keynote session as CCK’s answer to Merlin; Luke Fellingham, a professional mastering engineer and the man at the helm of CCK's PA department. He and guitarist/engineer extraordinaire Jos Wintermeyer took us step by step through the sound checking process with Stuart Townend and the band, demonstrating just how easy it is to get organized, be disciplined, professional and ultimately more fruitful.

The absolute pinnacle of the day was watching Luke Fellingham, a man famous for facial hair that would make Chewbacca feel ashamed, attempting to demonstrate the usefulness of the ‘Britney’ style head microphone. Of course negotiating a small microphone through a thicket is no mean feat, and sure enough the microphone become temporarily swallowed, as if in a black hole. Much to everyone’s amusement… !

Another brilliant Worship School, with the concluding training day to come on June 13th...


samcoxSamuel Cox is an active member of Church of Christ the King and alongside his skills at scripted eloquence, this well loved 21 year old is well known for his tenor vocals, delicate piano fingers and is an avid fan of food that appeases his finely tuned palate.

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