Women's Event Interview with Katie Virgo.

Tue, 09/11/2010 - 15:47

Katie is married to Joel Virgo (senior pastor at CCK) and is currently pulling together all the details for the upcoming CCK Women’s event. We grabbed a few minutes with Katie to find out more about the day.

Tell us about the CCK Women’s event

The day is called Women of Faith and will consist of six seminars. Everyone will get to choose two seminars to go to out of the six- and they’re all varied subjects so there should be something for everyone.  Joel will also be giving a talk which should be a short one! The reason for this is that I wanted to hear his vision for the women at CCK. There will be a worship time too and time to pray for one another and socialise. It will be a full morning and will finish at 1pm, and then we are hoping that we can all wander into town with people we may have met and have lunch in different places. You can book into it here.

What are the seminars?

We have one aimed at those who are going through the empty-nest time - for those wiser women!  One is about being single with purpose and another is on Biblical women. We have one which is basically a chance to be stirred by your sisters at CCK, and let living examples inspire us. We have one for mums who are at home with their younger children at the moment and one for women who are in the workplace.

Who are the speakers?

I will be doing one of the talks, and Sarah Pooley, Sue Hosier and Karen Boon (who has guests too) will be doing a session each. A guest speaker called Jackie Harland is also coming from City Coast Church, Jackie is Principal at The London Children’s Practice and is on the leadership at her Church and has many other amazing projects and responsibilities so it will be great to hear from her.

More information about seminars can be found here.

What is your vision for the women of the church?

The women of CCK are really valued and this is a great chance for us to get together and seek more of God and really grasp the impact we could have in this city. This is what I’d love to see and I really care that every woman in CCK has the opportunity to be fulfilled in what God has for them and the calling He has placed on their life. But, when putting together this women’s day, I thought that I would rather hear the Lead Elder’s vision for the women here as it is he who is guiding the ship and setting the vision for our church as a whole. I am looking forward to hearing him envision women about how much they are valued and about the role that he feels God wants them to have at CCK.

What are you hoping to achieve from the day?

I would love older women to meet younger women and for younger women to learn from older women and for new people coming in to mix with more established people- so the fellowship aspect of the day is very important. It took me about a year and a half to feel truly settled at CCK, and that was me being thrown into the leadership context with the chances to meet people, so I just want to make the most of every opportunity for new people to feel a part of the church.

You think about the plates that women have to spin in the home, in the workplace and in the family as well as other challenges we have. This is a great chance to get specific teaching to target some of these issues.

It’ll be great to have many women together, understanding their potential and realising that they can be agents for God in their different spheres and settings that they find themselves in. We want women to feel comfortable in taking risks and being supported in those risks and sharing in the fruit of that. This is a chance to be inspired by one another and to hear each other’s faith stories.

Is there anything planned for the future?

God clearly spoke to me was when I was delivering Joni, my fourth child. He told me he was going to build His church in Brighton and I felt the grace of God knowing that He was going to do it, despite me or Joel. He was going to break in and if we wanted to we could be a part of that, just like anyone else. We know that God is going to build His church here and I do feel the call of God to see people saved in Brighton and I want to be as fully involved with that as possible and don’t want to miss any opportunities. God has put an excitement in us - we want to keep having women’s events and for them to get bigger and better so that we can achieve this.

I think that we’re in new territory now, so when I think about what the future has for the women of CCK, I just see possibilities, excitement and new adventures. So let’s seek God and step up.

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