Women’s Day:Women of Authority.

Tue, 23/02/2010 - 12:13


Lena Newman reviews The Women's Day event conducted on the 13th of Feb..

It was absolutely amazing and so encouraging to see so many women gathered in one place last Saturday, united despite clear differences in age, race, culture and background - but all desiring to meet with God, engage with the word and expectant to hear His voice.

The sense of momentum and genuine excitement built as four hundred women realised that being sold out for Jesus in this city could change it's face forever.

Admittedly I felt for the handful of males in the room, (who were outnumbered by a hundred to one!) and I was very grateful for their willingness to serve us.

After a brief intro by our lovely host Kate Virgo, we kick-started the day with amazing worship and met with the Spirit in a powerful way.

We got straight into the first session with Livy Gibbs powerfully teaching from Genesis, explaining to us the foundations of the God-given authority given to women as well as men from the beginning. She took us right through the New Testament and admonished us to use our authority and leadership, explaining that although headship is rightly gendered, leadership and authority aren't, and pleaded with us to take seriously Jesus' commission to do greater things than he did.

After a short break, Wendy Virgo took the next session, and preached from Esther, on the same topic of authority - but with a different perspective. Wendy brought to life the story of Esther as a woman of faith with humble beginnings, and vividly explained how God used her to redeem and save a nation. Their very different approaches to authority, and the different generations they were brought up in complemented each other wonderfully and gave a very rounded picture of what authority looks like for us.

Finally session three was an open time of worship and prayer, and different ministries and areas affecting women of all ages was brought to God in fervent, passionate prayer. It was particularly moving and right to see the older generation honoured in such a wonderful way - as those in their twenties and thirties gathered around them to pray for renewed faith and calling for the future.

It was truly refreshing to go to such an equipping women's day, with solid biblical teaching on theology, spirit-filled worship, and fervent prayer. Throughout the day there was a clear sense of being commissioned as women to come alongside the men, as together we fight the battle to win this city to Christ! What an absolute privilege.

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