What Kind of King?

Wed, 19/01/2011 - 17:45

This is the new preaching series, where Joel Virgo teaches from 1 and 2 Samuel. At the beginning of the series Joel explained :

  • God created the world to be a place of His shalom – wholeness, things being as they should be. But we rejected God and replaced Him with ourselves, and consequently shalom has been broken.
  • But God’s plan is to restore His shalom – He will not quit until it is complete.
  • In the book of Samuel, God is establishing the idea of a righteous King; King David stands out the most, but even he is not the true King. He points to the King who will come and rule over the whole world forever.

For the first four weeks Joel will be focussing on an important, but often overlooked character, Hannah. The first week Joel preached a message on Hannah's Husband and how he wasn't sensitive to Hannah's pain. As Hannah was barren her husband decided to marry again. His second wife had many children and they all lived together under one roof. Alongside the hurt caused by Elkanah taking a second wife, he was also insensitive to her grief. In this preach Joel addresses talks about marriage - the way God intended it to be, and he speaks to husbands about how they should love their wife. To watch/listen to this preach click here.

Last Sunday Joel looked at Hannah's Misfortune. This is a story of pain and agony – Hannah is barren, which is a traumatic thing anyway, but in the culture of her day it carried social stigma and shame. It was seen as a sign of disfavour and failure to not be able to have children. Furthermore, living under the same roof as Hannah is her husband Elkanah’s other wife, Peninnah, who continuously mocks and taunts her and adds to her sense of inferiority. Joel looks at two people in Hannah's life that see her situation with the same theology, but respond differently. First is Elkanah. Even though he has done some wrong by her, by giving her a double portion he is showing compassion and love where society would have shunned her. However, Elkanah's second wife, Penninah did not show this compassion. She mocked Hannah and is cruel towards her. These actions were probably caused by jealously. Joel looks at how we can show compassion and the dangers of envy and pride. To watch/listen to this preach click here.

The next two weeks Joel will be looking at prayer, the practicalities involved and how pray is about God and not us.

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