Towards Multisite: 10 Things We've Learnt So Far.

Mon, 18/04/2011 - 14:03

In our featured series, ‘Towards Multisite’, CCK elder Steve Boon writes about the steep learning curve that accompanies the challenges for CCK becoming a multisite church. Our journey towards becoming a ‘multisite’ church is well and truly under way, and in this 3rd blog post we want to flag up for you 10 things we’ve learnt and in some cases are still learning; 1. Multisite helps us reach and release more people:

  • Those in our wider conurbation that would find it difficult to travel to our current venue
  • New leaders and volunteers in many areas of church life can be mobilised and released into new roles.

2. Multisite absolutely changes everything—staffing, structure, meetings, my stress levels, etc. 3. September 25th 2011 is when CCK officially becomes a ‘Multisite’ church. Every venue used on a Sunday for a Sunday meeting is therefore called a ‘site’ not a multisite; this will include our current venue in the New England Quarter. If we ever launched another site it is a site we launch, not a new multisite. Does that make sense? 4. Each site will therefore be led by a Site leader. 5. Apparently, according to Jim Tomberlin, a multisite consultant who has been helpfully offering us some advice over the last 6 months; 50 percent of new Sites meet in schools, 30 percent are church mergers, 15 percent meet in commercial buildings, and 5 percent gather in theatres. 6. The venue search for the West has been time consuming and thorough. Short of building our own venue, we will probably need to come to terms with the fact that our ideal venue does not actually exist (at least not in the foreseeable future). Even our current venue has some short comings. We must therefore continue to stay very flexible regarding venues. 7. As soon as you launch a new site, the search for a new venue starts again! One of the goals of a site is to multiply the number of meetings held on a Sunday and to move towards a larger or other venue(s). 8. Although we have gleaned a lot of information and help from people both in the UK and abroad who are making Multisite work for them in differing settings, CCK Multisite Church will be different to any other church that is Multisite. It has to be. Each church has its own culture, style and obviously a unique context that it is located in. 9. Without a doubt, I get to work with some amazing people all of whom have had to change some of their own personal preferences on, probably, a number of issues mostly, but not exclusively, linked with becoming a Multisite church. I can only say, they have all been awesome to work with. I take my hat off to them all. They are great leaders. 10. We must pray! 2 key dates for us all: 9th June is our CCK member’s night. We will have the privilege of Jim Tomberlin (mentioned in lesson 5) joining us on this night. Secondly, we will be having a church wide week of prayer starting on September 21st and finishing with a half night of prayer on the Friday 23rd. In readiness for our launch of 2 sites; at NEQ and the West Site.

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