Towards Multisite.

Thu, 12/05/2011 - 16:50

In our featured series, ‘Towards Multisite’, CCK elder Steve Boon writes about what we are planning for each site to look and feel like.

This 4th blog post on our journey to becoming a multisite church centres on a common question I am often asked of what a CCK site will be like.

I could answer this in one sentence, by saying that as our current venue (which will be known as the ‘NEQ site’ as of 25th September 2011) is indeed a site, then that is the ‘bar’ all of our sites will look to match.

We have searched between 50 and 70 venues in the West over the past 6 months and a large number of venues in the East lately in order to find the best venue that will allow us to function as wholly as we are used to currently. This is by no means a small task, as I’m sure many of you know by now and as many of you will also have heard at the joint West zones meeting, CCK lead elder, Joel Virgo mentioned that the venue may change and probably will change as we grow. (if you were not at the 4th May joint West zone meeting you can hear / watch Joel’s talk here at the bottom of this post)

So, here we go...we are expecting and planning that every CCK venue will have an area that gathers people outside of the main hall in order for visitors to find friends and people to meet up; we would also like to be able to serve great coffee and tea and have the building clearly signposted; we would want disabled access to all the facilities and ideally; car parking available if not on site, then very local; excellent worship led by excellent worship leaders and bands; each site will follow the same preaching series; full production (at a site we experimented 2 weeks ago at we took 2 x 3.5 tonne trucks full of production equipment! – stage, lighting, pa, av, instruments, etc.); excellent equipment to broadcast the preach; an expression of COGS at each site that needs it; on site storage to name but a few qualities we are building to.

All of this, as it does currently, relies on incredible volunteers (currently 150 a week at the NEQ site). I know the children’s work and the connect departments are beginning to recruit, whilst the worship and production teams have been preparing and building their teams for this for a number of months now. To make the site work, it will need many people to make it happen. I am genuinely excited to see a new release of gifting and leadership amongst the people that will make up any of the sites whether it be in the West or East building new teams or at the NEQ site where many gaps will inevitably be left – this is one of my personal joys – and I strongly encourage you to get involved. We need you.

The next blog post will feature an interview with our worship department leader, Simon Brading, on what he has been planning and building towards for the past year in preparation for September 25th.

Thanks for reading and look forward to seeing you if you are a CCK member at the members night on June 9th at the Clarendon Centre. Door open 7:30pm.

West Zone meeting - May 2011

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