Towards Multi-Site, An Introduction.

Tue, 14/12/2010 - 17:41

In the Autumn of 2011 Church of Christ the King (CCK) is undertaking a fairly radical, new and very important initiative. We’re launching an extra venue for our Sunday services in the West of the City. We’ll still be one church but meeting in two different locations.

In the build up to this exciting new launch Steve Boon (an Elder at CCK) will on a fortnightly basis update this blog with news and updates, giving you a behind the scenes glimpse of all the preparations and hopefully answering some of your questions in the process. Over to Steve;

One of my roles for CCK is to help gather a team to make ‘multi-site’ (the current term to describe this new venture) happen. Ever since Joel announced at the recent members night that we would be launching a new site next Autumn in the West, led by church elder Matt Davis, my email inbox has been gradually filling up with a multitude of questions, not to mention my own! The point of this fortnightly blog post is to communicate and demonstrate the formation of the next part of the journey we are on as a church. We have been congregational in the past (meeting in 5 places) but this will be our first excursion into the multi-site world. One thing is for sure; the whole way we do church, both on a Sunday and internally in the week at the church office will be turned upside down. My job is to make sure it all works!

In each article I will take you through the various departments that help make CCK happen. I will therefore sometimes interview some of our department heads, such as Tal & Jo Fahy who oversee the Family Life department, and Andy Ferret who oversees the technical, innovation and production departments, for example.

All of our department heads are grappling with solutions for a multisite church so I am excited to be able to give you, over the coming months, a little window into our thinking and planning.

In our next post I’ll try to draw together the various strands of information on the progress and decisions we’ve made so far. Hopefully this should put us all on the same page and give us a good starting point to start investigating all the different departments and their plans.

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