Together On A Mission Recommended Books.

Fri, 31/07/2009 - 11:58

At the recently concluded newfrontiers' conference, Together On A Mission 2009, Brighton, Terry Virgo recommended the following books. All books can be purchased online here or at The CCK Bookstore on Sunday after the morning and evening services.

godknowsyourehuman-200 Terry Virgo - God Knows You're Human

Looking at the lives of Elijah, Jonah and David, Terry helpfully shows us the potent message that our weaknesses opens the door to God's strength.

01-influential-women-200px Wendy Virgo - Influential Women

Women can be powerful in a church and can be influential in changing it from a sick community to a healthy one. They can be a tremendous asset or a huge liability. They can influence the whole ambiance of a church. The pages of the New Testament contain a surprising number of references to women to whom we can relate as we seek to build good healthy churches in the twenty first century.

planting-churches-200px David Stroud - Planting Churches, Changing Communities

A practical hands-on resource with loads of advice and examples for church planters, drawing on more than 25 years of church planting experience.

life-issues-200px Wendy Virgo - Life Issues

A practical Bible study for women based on Titus 2:2-5, the studies being especially suited to teaching Biblical principles to young wives and mothers.

1581344430-200 Bruce Ware - God's Greater Glory

How can human freedom fit into the "purpose of him who works all things according to the counsel of his will?" Bruce Ware explore this question.

9781581346688-200 Bruce Ware - father, Son and Holy Spirit

The doctrine of the Trinity is essential to our understanding of him and of our faith. The focus of this study is to examine the ways in which the three Persons of the Trinity relate to one another, how they relate to us, and what difference this makes to our lives. To understand just how God is both One and Three is to delve into some of Scripture's most glorious truths and to experience the joy of beholding the wonder of our triune God.

finallyalive-200 John Piper - Finally Alive

The term  'born again' is very precious and crucial in the Bible. It is of enormous consequence that we know what being born again really means.

thismomentarymarriage-200 John Piper - This Momentary Marriage Marriage is a momentary but glorious gift. It is more than the love of a husband or wife for their spouse - rather a display of the covenant - keeping love between Jesus and his people - a magnificent book for married, single, divorced and remarried alike.

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