New series: Why Zones?

Tue, 20/07/2010 - 16:25

Elder at CCK, Matt Davis, writes this series of blog posts to explain our Zone structure here at CCK. Why Zones? Good question!  This series will serve to help you understand how and why we are building community through Zones, and our vision for their impact in the future. Amongst others, we will answer questions such as ‘Where are the Zones? Who are the Leaders? What is Zone Life? How do I join a Small Group?’ In basic terms, a Zone is simply a cluster of Small Groups that relate based on their geographical location in the City. There is also another type of Zone which is set up to serve a particular demographic (ie. Internationals or Youth).  At the time of writing we have 14 such Zones. We are beginning to see the reality of this prophetic dream! Our current vision statement, ‘to build a house for God’, also speaks of a magnificent and imposing structure.  Sundays are our big statement to the City to come and meet Jesus.  But what kind of community do we add people to?  What’s behind the front door of this great house? It includes a refuge (where grace is enjoyed), a temple (of worship & proclaimed gospel), and a royal house (where kingdom values take root).  The careful building of this house includes how we express community in our City, simultaneously loving one another and loving our neighbourhoods.  Zones are simply that expression!  Real communities of real people, experiencing a real Jesus. It reminds me of the early church in Acts 2:42-47. So, why Zones?  Primarily because God said so, but also because we are passionate about being connected to each other and to Jesus, and to see the gospel- centred communities shape our culture. Look out for the next post which will give details of where the Zones are and who leads them!