National Parenting Initiative: Interview with Tal and Jo Fahy.

Wed, 25/04/2012 - 16:17

Tal is an Elder here at CCK and he and his wife, Jo, are part of our Racecourse site. They also head up our Family Life department together and are excited to share about being part of the National Parenting Initiative and the parenting course starting next week.

So tell us, what is the National Parenting Initiative?

Tal: Well, parenting is certainly a hot topic in the UK at the moment and parents face bewildering choices about how to parent effectively. So the National Parenting Initiative (NPI) was set up to encourage every church in the UK to run a parenting course in their community in 2012, which would equip parents with long-term strategies and practical tools to build a healthy family life. Our new course begins on 1st May!


Jo: It just feels to us like there’s a real need for this course so when we heard about the NPI, we knew we wanted to be part of it. It’s our heart as a family life department to be able to equip parents and to be able to do it under a national banner alongside other churches is so great.


How will the course look?

Jo: The evening will start with a meal together and then there’ll be two short seminars and a discussion time after each. We wanted to arrange the evenings with plenty of time for discussion so that the parents can chat and share ideas and encourage one another.


Tal: Jo is a trained parenting facilitator and has pulled the content together so she knows what she’s talking about! But it’s also important to note that Jo and I are parents of four kids so we are in the same boat and can bring our strengths and weaknesses to the table just like everyone else.


Is the course for all parents?

Jo: The course is applicable for all parents but it’s the 0-10 age where the focus is as we talk a lot about building good foundations.


Tal: We do want to steer away from the idea that you only go on a parenting course when you have problems. This is a great course to strengthen your parenting however you feel you’re doing and isn’t just for crisis management. It’s a great place to come and get some good principles in place for your family.


So what kinds of subjects does it cover?

Jo: We cover a lot! But to give you a taster, we go back to basics and look at what family is for, like being a place for support, a place for fun and a place for modelling values and foundational things that you want to put in place.

We also talk about building a strong family identity as well as balancing work and home life, for the children as much as the parents!

We look at the area of children and their love languages and how it’s so important to reach our kids’ hearts. We also talk about the issue of behaviour and how it comes out of what’s going on inside.

It’s also great to look at the whole area of discipline and find out what other parents’ approaches are, and how to help children handle their anger. We round the course off by looking at faith, hope and love in the family and how important these are to have.


Tal: What we really want from this course is to equip people in their day-to-day lives with their families and part of that is about having hope. It’s wonderful to have a vision for your family and figure out how you’re going to work towards that. Sometimes as a parent you might feel isolated and alone but the truth is; God has given us our children. He has chosen us as parents and has got a purpose for each of us in the families we’re placed into.


Will this course be put on regularly?

Jo: Absolutely, this initiative is for the long-term. This is an organic course that will continually get refreshed and updated so that you could go on the same course in a few years’ time and get just as much out of it.


Tal: The long-term goal of this initiative is to see it impact our society! And that starts with our local communities, so in the future we’d like to see this course happening at schools and other venues. Word of mouth is powerful so get yourselves along to this course and then tell all your friends about it!


The next course is starting on Tuesday May 1st and will run every Tuesday in May. The course costs £10 per person. To book in, click here.



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