Multi-Site ‘Task Force’ and our venue.

Thu, 27/01/2011 - 17:29

Steve Boon continues the 'Towards Multi Site' series: In the first post I gave a brief introduction to this set of blog posts and outlined my role in this all. In this second post I aim to draw together the various strands of information to attempt to get us all on the same page!

One of our elders Matt Davis, who will be leading the west multisite venue when it launches, recently asked all the small groups that make up the west zones (if you do not know what a zone or small group is, please follow this link: to write down any questions they may have. There are some brilliant observations and questions being raised in the West that will, in time, be answered, when we have come to a decision.

I have been meeting for a few months with some guys individually to progress certain areas but it seems appropriate that we form a multisite ‘task force’ team to help keep moving us forward. This team is made up of:

·         Andy Ferret (technical, innovation and production)

·         Matt Simmonds (communications director)

·         Simon Brading (worship dept. head)

·         Christian Finer (Sunday dept. head)

·         Matt Davis (Pastoral dept and west venue leader)

·         Dan Sweetman (facilities manager)

We’ll be meeting every Tuesday until the venue is launched which leads me nicely onto one of the key decisions of venue choice. This has been one of the main topics in the questions making their way to us. We have been progressing with a few options and at this stage have not come to a firm decision on the venue. There are so many key areas to factor in: Access, aesthetics, number of rooms (function ability), location, parking, landmark in the local area, long lease, short lease or purchase, technical capacity and availability to name but a few.  So at the moment, we’re still looking at lots of options, having meetings with venue holders, and hope to feed back some positive news soon. Thanks so much for those of you that have emailed in possibilities, we have explored them all!

In the next post we’ll interview Matt & Alison Davis and ask them why they are not only going west in church terms but also housing terms and I hope to bring you up to speed on what the worship department is thinking through and re-structuring itself to serve 2 venues.

Thanks for reading.

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