Knit! An interview with Jen Jarvis.

Mon, 28/03/2011 - 12:02

Knit is happening again! We have had the chance to sit down with Jen Jarvis, the event organiser and chat about what Knit is and why she set this up:

What is Knit?

Knit is an event I set up late last year where keen and newby knitters get together and basically knit! Its a great evening where we all chill out and knit (or sew, crochet, whatever you want really!). Just a nice way of hanging out with women of different ages and walks of life.

How did the concept come about?

I'd been thinking for a while that there weren't many events that I could go to to meet and hang out with women of other ages and invite friends to. There are so many women in and outside of CCK that I have never had the chance to chat with, and there was bound to be lots of others who would really love to meet new people, so I wanted to try and find something that would enable this to happen without it being too contrived. Knitting was something I'd taken a fancy to recently and thought it might be something to try and see if people liked it. The first event was back in October 2010, and there were over 70 people who came! I was really pleased at how well it went and at the end of the night people were asking when the next one would be! The plan is to run a Knit night roughly every quarter, and in between these bigger Knit nights, for people to run Mini-Knit nights in their home

Who is it for? Is it women-only?

It was originally aimed at women but we've opened it up to men to come too as there are a lot of creative men around and we didn't want to exclude them just because they weren't female! Besides, a lot of women like watching football! They don't have to knit, they can sew are more than welcome to join us. There's plenty of cake to go round!

This is the second one – will it be different to the last? What should people expect?

Same as last time! It went really well in October, so we will be doing things fairly similarly. The coffee shop will be open, there'll be free cake (of course!) and knitting nannies on hand to help the newbies! For future Knit events I'm planning to have someone come in and do a masterclasses  on specific things like how to follow a pattern, how to knit in the round, maybe even how to crochet!

Click here to see photos from the last Knit event!

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