Great Escape Festival Review.

Fri, 22/05/2009 - 11:03

greatescape_20091Last week Brighton hosted the Great Escape - 300 new local and international artists showcased in 34 venues over just 3 days.

Tim Jones wrote the following for his tour around what has been called 'Europe's leading festival for new music:

That Brighton is fast becoming the European focal point for emerging bands was confirmed at the 4th annual Great Escape festival last week. The three day event that showcases some of the best international talent to both industry and fans alike, has come to be something of a counterpart to the legendary SXSW festival held each March in Texas.

Bands from as far as Norway, Canada, Japan, the USA and erm.. Bristol.. performed alongside the cream of local Brighton talent. Spread over 34 city centre venues, featuring a dizzying 300+ acts and clocking-in at under 50 quid, the event spoils you for choice and value.

We managed to catch around 30 of the key gigs and were also treated (via text-message heads-up!) to a number of ad-hoc 'Street Gigs'. Now we sit back and watch for who makes it big this year...

Visit the official site here.

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