Great bibles for kids.

Thu, 20/06/2013 - 16:50

In his message for Father's Day (watch/listen), Joel Virgo addressed many issues around parenthood including how to get the Bible into family life.

One suggestion that caught a lot of people's attention was working daily through one 'kids' Bible at a time. As he said, there are plenty of options out there so here are his mini-reviews of a number currently available. These are listed in no particular order, follow the links to buy them on Amazon:

The Lion First Bible - by Pat Alexander. A superb place to start. This provides a great presentation of the vital stories and a good overview. Written for young 'uns.

The Big Picture Story Bible – by David Helm. Shortest and most accessible presentation of Biblical theology through narrative there is. Not so much a children’s bible as a lesson in presenting the narrative with Jesus as the fulfilment.

The Gospel Story Bible - by Marty Machowski. more detailed so perhaps not the best to start with - Good overview of narrative. Very faithful. Very concerned with ‘Christ-centred-ness’.

The Jesus Story-Book Bible – by Sally Lloyd-Jones. Beautifully presented and charming in every way. The gospel radiates through in rich colours. Playful and joyful in its writing style. Just love it.

The Action Bible - by Doug Mauss Really vivid and lively cartoon bible. Very comprehensive and vividly drawn.

These bibles are all perfect to read with the kids at bedtime, after school or perhaps for ten-minutes over breakfast. Try reading no more than a few pages at a time and talking about them, asking relevant questions. Your children might not always be eager and attentive but committing to this family discipline can help in putting strong Christian foundations into your children's lives (and it will doubtless help you too).

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