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Wed, 09/12/2009 - 12:38


Nigel Ring has lived in Brighton and Hove for over 25 years now. He heads up the newfrontiers administration team and serves as Terry Virgo’s Administrator. Nigel served as one of the leaders of CCK for over 25 years. Nigel writes..

The recent Gift Day has included the needs of Kenya as they face severe drought. Let me give you a bit of background about our involvement there.

We first met Edward and Fridah Buria at the Downs Bible Week in 1985. This Bible week, hosted by newfrontiers on the Plumpton Racecourse near Lewes, then had about 7000 people attending. A few years later they brought their 100 or so churches into the family of newfrontiers.

Edward and Fridah are a remarkable couple. He is a visionary, evangelist, and entrepreneur who also has an apostolic ministry. Fridah is a very able business woman and wonderful support to Edward. He grew up in very poor circumstances (little better than slum life); she came from a well-to-do farming family. They met when he preached about Jesus in her school as a young adult (having been healed from a terminal illness). Several months after he first saw her he prayed for a wife for a considerable period and God told him she was the one.

After their wedding and first child they moved to Meru, a sizable town at the foot of Mount Kenya. They lived in a very rough area where there was high crime. After much prayer, they were able to start a church 'Miracle in the Village', now numbering nearly 1000 people. It is now the most peaceful area of Meru.

They began starting churches all over Kenya. Edward now oversees about 160 churches.

The drought they now face is the 3rd this millennium, and by far the worst. I have visited during the previous two droughts (we have raised funds to help) and have been greatly impressed by their protocols and the highly effective and efficient ways in which they get help to the places of greatest need.

I have now just received (Nov 27th) the following email about the current situation (only extracts reproduced here):

We have just returned back from Samburu (tribal area) where we have been for a few days carrying out relief andb_003_36amedical operations ... From what we have seen and heard ... the situation on the ground and deep interior is so grave and not even captured on the National radar. It has emerged that we have whole 'manyattas' (i.e. Samburu homesteads) where on top of everyone being in dire need of relief food and other humanitarian supports, they have lost all their animals that succumbed to the drought ... their only source of livelihood has been cut off.  In other areas, tension remains so high as communities fight and kill each other over cattle rustling and / or over the scarce either available vegetation and water. These intertribal skirmishes are so bad as they create a state of insecurity even on the roads in the affected areas.  It is also very clear that many people are dying as a result of the famine and through bandit-related incidents, and that such deaths go un-noticed or not recorded with the authorities.

The situation has even been complicated further by the continued failure of the much awaited rains ... the weather people had predicted would be El-Nino Rains (i.e. torrential rains).

To our friends outside of Kenya, keep on praying for and with us and where it is possible to help in giving a smile and hope to a family in Samburu over this Christmas, please do so!

Like all other times in the past years, I and my able team remain so committed to standing and supporting our friends in Samburu and areas that have been affected by the on-going famine.

With every blessing.

Edward Buria

Thank you for giving sacrificially through the Gift Day. Please pray for them as the situation comes to mind.

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