CCK Life News - Who Is Jesus?

Mon, 13/09/2010 - 15:27

October saw the start of our autumn preaching series Who is Jesus? Over the past couple months Joel Virgo (Lead Elder)  and others have been showing us about the life and claims of Jesus and how this applies to our lives today.

At the members’ night Joel spoke specifically about the need of the series being both for the “believers and not-yet-believers”.  Therefore, to accompany this series we’ve produced various resources including the Who Is Jesus? interactive website ( where people across Brighton and Hove can have their say about who they think Jesus is. This was demonstrated by Matt Simmonds (Communications Director)  who said “A website will not bring people to church, A website will not save people, it’s a just a tool to try and engage people“

Alongside this we have just started to stream live the evening service at ( Over 17 countries tuned in last week to watch the preach live. We hope this will become a great resource to help the many CCK’ers that cannot for whatever reason make it to church on a particular Sunday. Interestingly over 300 people in our city tuned in.

We have also included “Invest and Invite” cards to encourage you to invest time and prayer into your friends and family and invite them along to church.

Joel went on to emphasise the importance of being ‘sticky’. Demonstrating this by throwing Velcro missiles onto a board throughout the evening. For the audio and resources from the series please visit

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