CCK Leader's Party.

Tue, 08/12/2009 - 14:05


November, apart from the excitement of sparklers, fireworks and toffee apples, was the month in which the attention turned towards what is one of the classiest events in the CCK calendar; The CCK Leaders party.

The Clarendon Centre was transformed in order to host this annual celebration, in which we honour those individuals who have worked especially diligently in their church roles over the past year. With awards going to nominees from every level of church leadership, it was an excellent opportunity to applaud the people that have really given their all, those that have sacrificially and wholeheartedly served to ensure the smooth and productive running of the church…


The evening had a very apt ‘Cluedo’ theme, as the Church was likened to ‘a great house’ with many rooms. The main hall was decorated to look like a dinner room in an old mansion,with stain glass (projected!) windows and dinner candles…An old leather chair, lamp-stand and table intriguingly sat on a curtained stage as we waited patiently to see what it all meant. With a fantastically decadent photo booth area set up on one of the balconies, guests could ensure their glitzy outfits could be forever immortalised by photographer Steve Rowland (photos are available for viewing here) as everyone waited for the ceremony to begin.

As the lights dimmed and conversation hushed, our host, an eccentric aristocratic man by the name of Colonel Algernon Mustard, bundled into the side door as if from a storm, carrying a lantern and proceeded towards the leather chair where he introduced himself and replaced his raincoat with a well-appointed dressing gown. He then introduced the tour he would take us on through the floors of ‘the grand house’ (graphically represented brilliantly, in the classic Cluedo style on the big screens) Each floor was essentially a layer of church leadership, containing several rooms. Each room represented a team, and ultimately a set of nominees; ‘The Music Room’ for instance of course implied the worship team, while ‘The Nursery’ represented the Children’s ministry workers. As we journeyed through each floor and it’s rooms, the nominees were announced (on Cluedo cards!) and the winners presented with trophies. In true Oscar night style, the orchestral music, spotlight and huge applause accompanied each announcement, and here is a list of categories and their winners-Remember to pat them on the back next time you see them hard at work!



South Hove Zone - Matt Fookes

Students - Chris Sivers

East Zone - Tal Fahy

Brighton Central Zone - Anneke Finer

North Hove Zone - Paul & Phillipa Williams

North Brighton Zone - Tom & Barbara Chong

West Zone - Steve & Lorrie Bell

International Zone - Edward Rhodes

Fiveways Zone - Paul & Becky Flannagan


COGS weekly team leaders - Andrew Knight

COGS leadership award - Clare Andrews

Youth Work - Rich & Lisa Miles


Duty Managers - Ken Stevens

Connect - Nick Vaughan

Lounge - Will Drury

Coffee area - Jo Rooke

Deaf - Mitra Hajebi

Looking after the Elderly - Beryl Lawton

Poor of the City - Danny Cassidy


Women of the City - Kate Martin

Family Life - Tal & Jo Fahy


Sunday Production - Ryan Worsley

Worship - Jules Burt

Website/Communication - Yohaan Philip


Outstanding contribution - Keith & Irene Brooks

Winner of Winners - Matt Davis

After the announcement of the winners, our host announced that the dinner room doubled as a ballroom, and with that the on-stage curtains drew back to reveal a band, led by Hannah Silvester who set the excitable crowd dancing for the remainder of the party. A fantastic and fun end to this spectacularly posh party!

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