Posted on November 04, 2013 by Matt Carvel
Day two of Movement began with a choice of three seminars. Matt Davis' seminar was rather ambitiously entitled “How to Change the World From Your Desk” and, after a few introductory words from its host, largely consisted of Q&A. The panel of 8 men spanned a range of professions from small business owners, through public sector workers to corporation leaders and the questions were equally diverse. Police brutality, tax avoidance, deception, costs, profits and sharing the Gospel were all touched on and the answerers spoke candidly from their experience and conviction.  
Posted on November 02, 2013 by Matt Carvel
On a wet November morning, I along with 300 or so men shuffled into the Clarendon Centre for Church of Christ the King's annual Movement event.   The men's conference, now in its third year, was comprised of delegates mainly from the church's four sites but it's numbers were boosted by attendees from across the country, Europe and even further afield.   A warm handshake, a cup of tea and a yorkie bar were a pleasing reception and soon things kicked off with an extended time of worship, very ably led by Sam Cox and Simon Brading. We celebrated God, who He was and what He had done and reminded ourselves that, as one of the songs says, God, “we are here for you”.  
Posted on October 10, 2013 by Matt Carvel
Seven years ago I took the long journey from “up north” to “sunny” Brighton to start my university life.  As we drove the many miles of seemingly endless motorway, I experienced a whole range of emotions:  I was anxious about having to make new friends; I was excited about starting a new life away from my parents; I was eager for new experiences and opportunities; and I was also apprehensive about the prospect of living as a Christian in this new environment. When I thought of uni, I thought of all-night parties, drinking, drugs and casual sex.  These are the things uni is often known for.  Surrounded by these opportunities and pressures, would I be able to live for God?  How should I respond?  Would my new friends respect me and the decisions that I knew I should make?  What would it look like to be a Christian at uni?
Posted on June 20, 2013 by Tim Jones
In his message for Father's Day (watch/listen), Joel Virgo addressed many issues around parenthood including how to get the Bible into family life. One suggestion that caught a lot of people's attention was working daily through one 'kids' Bible at a time. As he said, there are plenty of options out there so here are his mini-reviews of a number currently available. These are listed in no particular order, follow the links to buy them on Amazon: The Lion First Bible - by Pat Alexander. A superb place to start. This provides a great presentation of the vital stories and a good overview. Written for young 'uns. The Big Picture Story Bible – by David Helm. Shortest and most accessible presentation of Biblical theology through narrative there is. Not so much a children’s bible as a lesson in presenting the narrative with Jesus as the fulfilment.
Posted on November 02, 2012 by Georgina Earey
In our Autumn Gift Day at Church of Christ the King, we'll be raising money for some key projects that serve our City. We believe that the Church is here to make a difference, to bless and serve our City, to support and meet people's needs. A three part video has been put together to give you more information about these projects. Please view them for more information: Autumn Gift Day: Part One Autumn Gift Day: Part Two Autumn Gift Day: Part Three
Posted on June 26, 2012 by Matt Carvel
A few months ago,  Charles “Chuck” Colson, passed away.  Though many in this country might not have heard of him, they will likely be more familiar with Richard Nixon and the Watergate scandal with which Colson was intimately and infamously involved. “Tough, wily, nasty and tenaciously loyal to Richard Nixon” was Time magazine's assessment of him and in the early 1970s he was widely known as Nixon’s “hatchet man”.  But doing the President’s dirty work is not how Chuck Colson will be remembered, because between leaving his post at the White House and being imprisoned for the Watergate cover-up, he became a Christian.  The way in which Jesus miraculously transformed his life is laid out in his autobiography,  simply entitled, “Born Again”.  It became an international bestseller when it was published back in 1976, and on hearing the news that he had died, I decided to give it a read.
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On Sunday 27th May we were privileged at CCK to open our doors to lights, cameras and plenty of crew to host the BBC’s Pentecost Praise. Slightly shorter than our average Sunday at CCK, the service lasted just under an hour from 10-11am and attracted 0.43 million viewers (slightly more than our normal Sunday attendance!) Simon Brading gave a short welcome to the nation and led a packed out congregation in worship, together with Becki Cox and his band. Throughout the service there were two video testimonies from members of CCK and Joel Virgo preached powerfully from the Bible on the message of Pentecost. Everyone came together for communion to the song ‘Vagabonds’, written by CCK’s own Stuart Townend and other songs featured were ‘Breathe’ by Lou Fellingham and ’10,000 reasons’ by Matt Redman. The service was available on iPlayer for one week afterwards and got 21 thousand plays which is encouraging (according to the BBC) and was also uploaded on YouTube and has since received over 3,400 hits.
Posted on May 28, 2012 by Tim Jones
Joel chats to Ben Travis about what we're doing here in Brighton and beyond.
Posted on April 25, 2012 by Emily Sneyd
Tal is an Elder here at CCK and he and his wife, Jo, are part of our Racecourse site. They also head up our Family Life department together and are excited to share about being part of the National Parenting Initiative and the parenting course starting next week. So tell us, what is the National Parenting Initiative? Tal: Well, parenting is certainly a hot topic in the UK at the moment and parents face bewildering choices about how to parent effectively. So the National Parenting Initiative (NPI) was set up to encourage every church in the UK to run a parenting course in their community in 2012, which would equip parents with long-term strategies and practical tools to build a healthy family life. Our new course begins on 1st May!   Jo: It just feels to us like there’s a real need for this course so when we heard about the NPI, we knew we wanted to be part of it. It’s our heart as a family life department to be able to equip parents and to be able to do it under a national banner alongside other churches is so great.   How will the course look?
Posted on April 12, 2012 by Emily Sneyd
Matt Davis is an Elder here at CCK and he and his wife, Alison,  have been leading our Shoreham site since last September. What many may not know is that Matt also oversees the Business and Enterprise (B&E) network,  and this is our chance to find out what it's all about! What is the B&E network? As an Eldership team, we recognise the importance of valuing the business & enterprising community here at CCK and see the value of being part of their working world. It’s our heart for CCK members who are immersed in the business & enterprising world to see that their role is important and highly valued. With the help of The CITY, (an online community tool), we've set up a B&E steering group who want to see the affirming of business men and women and also the harnessing of good ideas, theology and teaching. It’s a small group of eight, where each CCK site is represented, who meet termly to chat about how things are going and what we want to do. I then link back to the wider eldership to see how we can progress various ideas and initiatives.