The B&E Network: Interview with Matt Davis.

Thu, 12/04/2012 - 16:11

Matt Davis is an Elder here at CCK and he and his wife, Alison,  have been leading our Shoreham site since last September. What many may not know is that Matt also oversees the Business and Enterprise (B&E) network,  and this is our chance to find out what it's all about!

What is the B&E network?

As an Eldership team, we recognise the importance of valuing the business & enterprising community here at CCK and see the value of being part of their working world. It’s our heart for CCK members who are immersed in the business & enterprising world to see that their role is important and highly valued.

With the help of The CITY, (an online community tool), we've set up a B&E steering group who want to see the affirming of business men and women and also the harnessing of good ideas, theology and teaching. It’s a small group of eight, where each CCK site is represented, who meet termly to chat about how things are going and what we want to do. I then link back to the wider eldership to see how we can progress various ideas and initiatives.

Can other people get involved in the network?

Absolutely. This network is for all those in business who are motivated for what they do. It’s important to say that being in senior management in a big company is just as valuable as being a plumber who’s making their own business. We’ve set up B&E groups for each site so that you have the opportunity to meet like-minded people who are in business of all sorts. Each group will meet up to have breakfast together, sometimes pray for each other and encourage one another in their roles.

If you would like to find out more about the B&E groups or ask to join, please click the appropriate link for your site:

For the B&E New England group, click here

For the B&E Shoreham group click here

For the B&E Racecourse group, click here

You mentioned an event from last year, are you having regular events for the network?

Yes, a few weeks ago we had a 'So you're thinking of starting a business' event at the Clarendon Centre which was packed out! The aim was to help people asses their aspirations for running their own business. It seemed a very timely event in a period where people are worried about their own job security and thinking this is perhaps the moment to jump in and start their own business. We heard a bit about the theology of business and pulled together a panel of experienced business people for a time of Q&A. It was a brilliant evening!

In May last year, we held our first big B&E event where we invited Ken Costa, Chairman of Alpha International, to speak. We opened the event to churches from East Sussex and this really kick-started the network for us. So on May 12th, we are having our second big B&E event called ‘Doing Good Business’. This year it’s going to focus more on CCK people and them hearing our vision of where CCK are going, what God has called us to and how the business & enterprising community can engage with it.

It's my heart to see every business man and woman at CCK know that what they're doing is for God

We have been privileged to forge links with the Brighton Chamber of Commerce and their President, Julia Chanteray, is coming to speak to us at our event. She’s a real point of connectivity in the business world across the city and is well positioned to give us a snapshot of the reality of doing business in Brighton. There’ll be a time for networking as well and of course, breakfast!

Julia also has her own network called the joy of business and it’s been great to chat with her about who we are as a people group. She came along as a guest to our event a few weeks ago and is particularly interested in the whole world of social enterprise and how that can bless other initiatives.

What is your long-term desire for the B&E network?

For some people, business is their whole world and church is an add-on but it’s my heart to see every business man and woman in CCK know that what they’re doing is for God. It’s just about realising who your real master is. I'd also like the secular world to notice something about us that's different to the rest of the business world in valuing a good work ethic, a high level of integrity and good working practices.

Thanks Matt! To book in for the 'Doing Good Business' event on May 12th, click here for the event web page.



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