The Basement.

Wed, 24/03/2010 - 18:03

The CCK Communications team & Technology and Innovation team are responsible for a lot of the creative and media content produced by CCK. For instance the CCK website and blogs are managed by this team, as well as some of the photography, graphic design, video content and media library.

The team includes an array of talented journalists, writers, web editors, graphic designers, photographers, video editors, IT professionals, animators and more, some of whom eagerly volunteer many hours each week to serve what is an increasingly important area of church life; the engagement; artistically, culturally and technologically, with CCK, the city of Brighton and the world beyond.

This team has a home. That home is called The Basement.

A hub. A nerve centre from which all of this creative juice flows. The Basement is where all the magic happens. The basement even talks; You can follow it on twitter here; @TheBasement

Like the great choreographer of The Bolshoi, Matt Simmonds is the man responsible for orchestrating this team, coordinating them alongside the Technology and Innovation team managed by Andy Ferrett. Andy's team are in charge of IT support and the technical production of CCK sunday meetings. The PA, lighting, Audio/Visual, IT and video recording are all under the management of Andy and his team of experts...

These are some of the recent and more notable projects that The Basement has been involved in;

Photoshoot for 'Alternative City' preaching series

CCK Stories Videos

The CCK iPhone app

The Basement needs you. If you'd be interested in joining this team and helping The Basement to become an even greater force of creative wonderment, fill in the form on this webpage. Working around your diary and in any spare time you have, we would love to know about and work with the hoards of talented people out there that could make this the best thing since sliced bread got the financial backing it needed to become 'the best thing'.

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