Aug 2011

Towards Multisite: Advice from PJ Smyth

Posted on Aug 17, 2011 by Steve Boon
Steve Boon brings us what we anticipate being the last blog post on how CCK has moved towards becoming a multisite church. In less than a month about 120 CCK members will be re-focusing on our new Shoreham site helping run their 2 week ‘dry launch’ Sundays before the doors open publicly on September 25th. That will leave the rest of us at the New England Site which is also re-launching on the 25th September. Then, just over 3 months later, New England will send yet another 100 members out with Stephen & Emma Dawson to the East Brighton Racecourse. We will get to pray into all this again at our September prayer nights on the 21st and 23rd, however a number of you really appreciated PJ Smyth’s message to us when he visited us last month, so it seemed fitting that we sign off with a few words of wisdom from him.