Feb 2011

Nick Chatrath interview

Posted on Feb 24, 2011 by Katie Leversuch

Why Zones? Part 4: Zones and Multisite

Posted on Feb 24, 2011 by Katie Leversuch
In the final part of our blog series about Zones, we ask the question ‘What is the link between Zones and multisite?’

Paul Oakley and Alamein’s Torch

Posted on Feb 15, 2011 by Katie Leversuch
We have had the pleasure of catching up with musician Paul Oakley to find out what he has been up to!

Book Review: Nick Chatrath - Reaching Muslims

Posted on Feb 09, 2011 by Rich Spear
Nick Chatrath: Reaching Muslims A One-Stop Guide for Christians In the last ten years, Britain has continued to advance into more and more of a multi-faceted, multi-cultured society. In this time, there has been a growing fear with the rise of extremist Islam in the west, which has left many people (including Christians) unsure of how to relate to the many local Muslims, and to effectively share their faith. It is into this context that Nick Chatrath (Emmanuel Church, Oxford) has written an extremely helpful and well-researched book, where he paints a refreshingly positive picture of Muslims and their rich cultural heritage.  Despite the extensive bibliography, this book is very accessible and covers a whole range of issues in short bitesize chapters. Nick covers interesting cultural issues such as ‘Should Christians eat Halal meat?’, as well as other theological hot potatoes such as ‘Should Christians call God Allah?’. There are very few quality Christian books on this subject at present, which adds to the importance of such a helpful book being written. Nick closes the book with some very useful resources, such as recommended further reading, and a series of potential bible studies that could be completed with a Muslim friend to respectfully help them to reconsider their perception of the identity of Jesus Christ. Whether you are a student wanting to understand how to relate better to Muslim coursemates, a neighbour wanting to know how to reach out to a friend or work colleague, or a church leader wanting to consider how you might reach out to Muslims in your locality, this book will equip you extremely well. This book has received high acclaim from theological heavyweights such as R.T. Kendall, Greg Haslam and Wayne Grudem and deserves to be widely read across Western culture. I wholeheartedly recommend it. To find out more about Nick, visit his blog. To buy the book on Amazon, click here.