57 Responses in a week! By Phil Turner.

Tue, 02/06/2009 - 14:11


Over the last two weeks at Church Of Christ the King, we saw 57 people respond to the gospel! Evangelist  Phil Turner shares with us his exciting journey as he preached both at CCK on Sunday and the two Alpha meeting. Phil writes..

We started the Spring Alpha Course on the 21st April with 109 guests!

The Alpha Course is run mainly as a discipleship track alongside the Beta Course to help Sunday service responders and people looking in on a Sunday meeting, to come to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ. On Sundays, a team of us run a Get Connected stand where visitors as well as those who respond to a gospel appeal can connect with the Church. People who come to the stand can sign up for the Alpha and Beta courses, Water baptisms and small groups.

Week by week the Alpha team have been building solid foundations into our guests lives and we recently reached Week 5 – Why did Jesus die?

Phil Turner

In a staff prayer meeting that morning, God started to stir me that salvation was coming at Alpha. At the Alpha prayer meeting before the evening began, one of the table leaders had a prophetic word that God was moving rain clouds and was about to shower blessing and favour upon us as an Alpha team and our guests.

At the end of the night we gave our guests an opportunity to respond to the gospel, and we were thrilled to see 23 guests respond, 16 of which requested immediate follow up and duly received a free copy of Mark Driscoll's Vintage Jesus! Praise God!

Five days later and it's our Sunday Baptismal Service at CCK. Again the Holy Spirit quietly whispered to me during the week that we were going to see responses. Amazingly God did it again with 25 responses to the gospel including a whole row of young people all responding at the same time on Sunday night. This filled me with a sense of awe for Jesus the ultimate insider in the Trinity who became the ultimate outsider on the cross, and he did it for you and me.

Two days later at Alpha another 9 brand new responses to the gospel!

Over just one week, two Alpha meetings and two Sunday baptismal meetings we have seen 57 responses to the gospel.

Last week we were praying as a church for the advancement of the gospel in this incredible city of Brighton and what a city it is. As we pray we can be so thankful to God for the way he is saving Brighton people week by week remembering he has many more people in the city for us!